Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 237: Princess Madison

This morning Madison refused to wake up. She slept in and told me no when I tried to wake her. She eventually came around and was laughing and smiling within minutes of being awake. 

Caleb was dressed up nicely for picture day. He was so excited and said he saw his picture that was taken and he looked "haaaannndddsome." 

Madison went on a fieldtrip today to see the bees and was also able to try some honey. She had such a fun time and kept telling us, "I eat honey!" 

Caleb had a great day, too. He told us how his classes went and also commented that he moved up in Polish. He's now in the intermediate class and he (as were we) was so proud of that accomplishment. 

Yesterday we received a package and we weren't able to give it to Madison until today. We tried our best to get her reaction, but she didn't care about anything besides her princess dress that was, "so pretty!" 

Once I had it out of the packaging she put it on and smiled. She then said, "I so pretty. Look, I a princess!" She said this statement various times, and she was so proud. Her dress lit up and played the song, "Let it Go." She was ecstatic. 
She needed a hat!

We eventually pried her dress off and got the kids ready for bed. We watched a movie and enjoyed some family time. 
We had the perfect night for the rainy weather outside. 


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