Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 229: First Day of Fourth Grade and Dinner with Congressman Roskam

This morning was Caleb's first day of school and it was funny to see him so excited. Today was not only his first day of 4th grade, but he was also starting at a new school. He was downstairs and ready to go about 30 minutes before the bus was supposed to be here. 
Right on time, the bus showed up and he was off as all three of us stood on the steps to wave goodbye. Then it was Maddie's turn to go to school. 

Daniel and I made it through the day. It wasn't too busy and we were able to get a lot done. 

We left work early to greet Caleb once he got back home. The bus arrived on time and Caleb got off smiling. He had a great first day at school and told me how much he loved playing M&M Math and other fun games. He's also taking French, so he was introduced to that as well as Art today. 

This evening Daniel and I, along with two other military couples, were invited to have dinner with Congressman Roskam (R-IL) and a group he was traveling with through Poland. We were at The Belvedere, which is placed in the middle of a beautiful park here. The weather was perfect! 
Congressman Roskam is such a nice guy. He's very personable and kind, and the group he was with was phenomenal, too. We had a delicious dinner and Daniel got to talk about himself the majority of the evening. 

We wrapped up the night by exchanging business cards and farewells. If we ever go to Chicago we definitely have a few amazing contacts to reach out to. 

We are now home and finally ready for bed. 6 hours of sleep, if we're lucky. Goodnight all. 

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