Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 227: Military Parade and Swimming Fun

Maddie woke up early this morning and pitched a few fits for the first few hours. Caleb woke up later on and ate a late breakfast before we left. 
Today at 12 a military parade began. We all went to the embassy and watched from my upstairs office. It was great! 

We stepped out front to watch the helicopters, airplanes, and jets go by. The tanks took off at one point to, and before we knew it, the parade was over. 
After the parade, we went over to the Ambassador's house to go swimming. We met up with a few friends and celebrated an adorable little girl who turned two! The kids loved swimming even though the water was freezing! 
Even though she had dried off, she wanted to get back in the water. She let Mr. Cris take her out for a minute. 

After the pool we came home and Maddie napped. Daniel ordered pizza and we FaceTimed Nana and Poppy. We got to chat with Cale and Madelyn, too! The kids are growing so fast and we definitely miss seeing everyone. 
Maddie took a fun bath and then went to bed. Caleb stayed up for a little while longer watching baseball and then he went to bed, too. 

Goodnight all. 

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