Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 241: A Day With the Family

This morning we let Daniel sleep in and Caleb actually took care of Maddie. He fixed and fed her cereal and then found her favorite cartoons on TV.  When I came downstairs they were sitting on the couch being so sweet. 

Daniel eventually made it downstairs and we sat around through the afternoon. We left the house for a short bike ride and picked up a few items. 

When we returned I cut up some fruit and the kids called Nana and Poppy. During that call Maddie asked to put on her princess dress. I got her dolled up in her Elsa gown and Cinderella shoes. She would twirl around and say, "I a princes!" She's so funny with dressing up and gets so excited with it. She loves her dresses and her shoes. As a matter of fact, she didn't like the outfit I had for her to go outside in and told me, "I want a pretty dress!" So, we changed.
Caleb played downstairs and Maddie eventually followed him down to play. 

The kids had a good night and Caleb got to stay up late watching the Little League World Series. The team he was pulling for won, so he was excited. 


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