Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 231: A Full Wednesday!

This morning Daniel was up and out early to go to the range and Maddie decided to get up early too. We all got up and dressed, had breakfast, got lunches fixed and made it out the door. 

Today was a very busy day at work, that has become the normal lately. Daniel got back to work from the range after lunch and we finished out our days. 

When we got home, we got to hear about the kid's days. It is great that Caleb is still really excited about his new school. Maddie had a good day too, but when she tells us about it, the details are a little blurry :)

The kids enjoy climbing all over Daniel and fight for attention anytime he lays in the floor. 
After bath time, I laid down with Maddie but she wasn't quite ready to go to sleep yet. So instead,we just talked and played for a little while until she was finally done. 

Now it's my turn. Good night all!

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