Thursday, August 6, 2015

Days 216, 217 and 218: Catching up on Work and Routines

I'm combining all three days for a few reasons.  The main reason is because I had written out blogs this morning, and somehow they no longer exist.  Also, because the past three days have all kind of blurred together and have also been very similar.

We've spent each morning trying to get everyone up and dressed.  Because we didn't get in until after midnight on Monday, it was terrible getting up so early on Tuesday.  Daniel has also had to get up early Wednesday and Thursday, so it's made my morning routine more challenging with the kids.

Caleb is getting back into his lessons that he has taken a break from.  He is still doing his soccer, swimming and riding lessons each week.  Maddie is loving school and her friends, especially Zara.  I hear about Zara, Titus and Teddy all the time.  She loves playing with them.

Daniel and I went through hundreds of emails and caught up on a lot of different things.  Thankfully, his adjustment wasn't too bad!

Each night has been great.  Maddie and Caleb have been spending time with one another and playing together.  They have been laughing and running around and being nice to one another.  It's strange but lovely.

Lastly, our "Lovey" is still missing.  I'm hoping that we find him, but as of right now, he's gone.  I've placed an order for a replica from eBay, so hopefully she won't mind the difference, but I would still love to have the original one back. 

We hope that you all have enjoyed reading about our Disney cruise and port adventures.  From this point forward, it will be back to the boring day to day nonsense.  Much love and goodnight!

Maddie playing with her puzzle. 
Some from the cruise:

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