Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 223: Caleb's Physical

This morning Caleb tagged along with Daniel and I. He sat in Daniel's office until it was time to see the doctor. Caleb had a physical done as part of the back to school checklist. He was up-to-date with his immunizations but had to receive a PPD to test for TB. 

The doctor chatted with Caleb about daily things and finished up with his exam. Caleb is in the 95th percentile for his height (4'9") and is in the 75th percentile for weight (75 pounds). He is doing great and took a challenge from the doctor to read more books. 

He also took a hearing test and an eye exam. He passed both, but he doesn't hear low tones as well with his right ear (still fell within normal range). 
After the exam he received the PPD test and he was not happy about it. He whined about not wanting it done but once it was over (and thankfully no tears) he received a lollipop and we went on our way. 

Daniel took Caleb to his friend's house once we finished up with the doctor. He played throughout the afternoon and said he had a great time. 

When Daniel and I got home I went over to pick Maddie up from daycare. She had designed/painted a parrot and she was so proud. Once she was home she walked around saying, "Dan'l where are you?" Caleb and Daniel then walked in the door and she gave them both great hugs and kisses. 

The kids ate great tonight, so Maddie celebrated with a Kinder Egg. She played with the toy and Caleb ate the chocolate. Win win! 
She loved reading her instructions. 

We cleaned up everything and did a little bit of laundry. We have a little bit more to put away from our trip, but overall we're unpacked and cleaned up. We then got the kids tucked in. Maddie will now say her own prayers. She mumbles for a few seconds and then says, "amen" and then kisses me. She's so sweet. 

We have a busy day tomorrow so it's time for bed. Goodnight! 

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