Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 219: Happy for Friday

This morning started out with Maddie not wanting me to get out of bed.  She insisted that I lay with her and watch "mouse."  Once we finally got up and going, things went as usual, even though Daniel had already left for work two hours prior.  Caleb came down shortly after and within record time we were out the door.

Maddie had a great day at daycare.  She loved playing outside, especially in the sand.  She had dirt everywhere.  Her clothes were a mess.  She has also been napping well, which is a blessing. 

Caleb enjoyed his free day (no lessons).  He had fun playing with his friends and doing a little bit of cursive writing.  He practiced the letters A-D and wrote out a few sentences.  He said he liked doing it and it reminded him of being in Ms. DeLoach's class.

Daniel and I had a great day overall.  Today wasn't too bad and I actually got a lot done.  Daniel went in very early, so he was done well before we left.  The grocery shipment also came into the embassy so we were able to buy a few cans of black beans and other goodies!  I've looking for these lately, and finally I have some.  It's truly the little things sometimes.

We ordered pizza tonight and tried to watch a movie online.  We didn't have much luck with the movie, but we did enjoy hanging out with one another.  Daniel helped both Caleb and Maddie with pull-ups and they cackled as each person had a turn. 
This evening as I laid with Maddie in her bed, I said her prayers to her as I normally do and then she said some of her own prayers.  She finished up with, "Amen" and then gave me a kiss.  She's so sweet when she wants to be.  Daniel tucked Caleb in and they talked a little bit about what we have going on tomorrow.  We definitely have a full day planned and we're looking forward to it. 

Goodnight all!

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