Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 240: An Evening at The Dentist

This morning everyone moved a little slower but we made it out the door on time. 

Maddie had a fun day at school. She's learning so much Polish and she's beginning to use it now. 

Caleb is still doing great in school and seems to be transitioning well. He loves his teacher and his classmates. 

After school and work we went to the dentist. This was our first visit while here in Poland so it was definitely interesting. Daniel, Caleb, and I all had cleanings scheduled along with a few x-rays. There seemed to be a slight alignment issue with Caleb, so hopefully we can have a second opinion before we move forward with anything. 

Maddie did well sitting through all of our appointments. She was antsy, but not too bad. We'll follow up again soon, but the good news for all of us was: NO CAVITIES!!!

We came home and talked to Nana and Poppy on FaceTime. Maddie had a lot to tell them! 

I'm done for the night, so I'll leave you with this photo. Goodnight!

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