Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 239: Back to School Night

Maddie slept in her bed all night so when she walked in my room this morning after 7 saying, "I slept good," It was hard not to laugh.  

Caleb was up, dressed, and ready to go pretty quickly this morning. He has been great at fixing his lunch and getting himself ready for the day. There's still a little adjustment and motivation needed at times, but he did great considering it's Thursday and the end of the week is often challenging for us all. 

Daniel and I had eventful days and worked hard. Daniel stayed at work late, and I came home to the kids. Our neighbor came by to sit with the kids so I could go to Caleb's "back to school night." I'm so thankful because that part was not in the original set of plans!

Once I arrived to Caleb's school, the conference portion had almost ended, so I met with the teacher briefly before he had to go to his child's conference. 
While in the classroom I was able to spot some of Caleb's work.
I can't believe how grown up he already is (although his attitude reminds me more often than I'd like). 

I came home and gave Maddie a bath and helped her get ready for bed. She and Caleb both had great days and enjoyed playing with their friends. 

Maddie is also learning more and more Polish. She's doing great at repeating what her teacher tells her! She and Caleb also sang Sto lat (happy birthday) tonight. 

We are definitely looking forward to tomorrow and a much needed weekend. 

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