Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 236: Haircuts and Parks

This morning we got ready for our day and made our way out of the house on time. 

Caleb had a great day overall. He learned how to draw landscapes in art and he worked on his drawing all night. He was so proud and he did a great job. He also discussed how he didn't like French and was hoping he could do Spanish at some point. 
After work Daniel took Caleb to get a haircut and I took Maddie to the park close by. She had so much fun. She stopped to smell the flowers, chased a pigeon, tried to feed said pigeon, dug in the sand and played on the playground. She had a blast and she couldn't have been better behaved. 
She loved playing in the leaves, too!
After Caleb's haircut and our park adventure, we went to Blue Cactus to eat. Supper was great and the kids behaved so well. 
This was Caleb trying to work on his smile for tomorrow's picture day. 

Once we got home we took a few pictures and then got the kids bathed and in bed. 
We've had full but great days. I'm hoping tomorrow is just as perfect. 

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