Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 245: A Day for History

This morning Daniel left early for work. Maddie woke up at 6 and was ready for me to get up. Once she was up she got dressed, insisted I change the Minnie Mouse shirt I put on her to something else, and then asked to go downstairs to watch tv. 

Caleb was up without any problems, but he was slow getting his items packed for school. He's definitely been in a forgetful mood lately, so I hope that gets better. 

We made our way into school and work, and we all had pretty busy and productive days. Caleb enjoyed an after school club focusing on U.S. History. He was excited to have one of his best "bro" friends in there with him. He seemed to enjoy today's lesson and told me a few of his favorite things about it all. 
This evening was spent catching up. Caleb didn't unpack or do homework when he got home so after supper that's what he focused on. Maddie refused to eat and was ready for bed. She didn't fight her sleep much at all this evening. 

Maddie had a great day though. She has been speaking Polish with her teachers. When I take her to school now they talk to her in Polish and she'll laugh and then respond back in Polish. She's so smart and gets bashful when she speaks in front of me. 

Overall we had a great day, but we're all in bed and welcoming sleep before 9. Goodnight! 

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