Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day 260: A Relaxing Thursday

This morning Maddie woke up in a great mood.  Caleb was dragging a little bit, but he got ready, made his lunch and then ate breakfast.  I let the kids open their goodie bags from mom and dad.  They enjoyed seeing what all they got and Maddie walked around with her bag and all of her items in tact.  She didn't like it when I told her she had to leave the bag home.  Maddie also loved her princess sleeper.  She saw "Cindabella" and had a fit.  She also liked Rapunzel on there, too.
Maddie had a good day at school.  The teachers let her sleep a little longer than they normally do, and she woke up in a much better mood.  Caleb enjoyed his day as well.  He came home listening to an audio book, "Titanic."  He said it was already pretty sad, but he has no idea how sad it will get!

Daniel spent the day in Krakow with his bosses.  He and the other Marines all had a wonderful time biking around Krakow and taking it all in.  We've been blessed by getting to know such great people.

This evening I fixed a dinner favorite for the kids.  They've been troopers all week and Caleb has really missed Daniel, so I prepared vegetables, chicken and mac and cheese.  We had a good time vegging out and I let Caleb stay up later than normal so he could watch the finale of America's Got Talent.  He enjoyed it and actually got to see Daniel when he got home.

Although Daniel came home a bit earlier, he was exhausted and went to bed shortly after arriving.  He tucked Caleb in and then crashed.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, mostly because it's Friday.

"Uncle Jason, Jenny." 
Aunt Tara, Madelyn, Cale. 

This girl was a hoot pointing to everyone's picture and naming names. When I asked where uncle Jason was she said, "Uncle Jason is right here." She also can't say there's Aunt Tara without naming off Madelyn and Cale. I hate that we're so far away at times. You definitely realize though what support you have and what relationships you have when you are so far away. 

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