Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 252: Back to the Grind

Today Daniel and I went back to work and Maddie and Caleb went back to school. It took a lot to get us out of the house this morning. We weren't late, but definitely later than our normal time. 

The kids had great days. Caleb loved the fact that he got twinkies in his history class and also mentioned that he'll have a speaking part in a play. 

Maddie played with Play Doh this afternoon and had so much fun with it. She had fun playing with Ms. Anna. Maddie was a good girl for her and had a great day. 

This evening we built a fire and enjoyed some family time. Caleb received his Nerf gun in the mail (one he bought with a gift card) and practiced with it. He had so much fun with it. 

We plan on having very long days tomorrow so it's time for bed. Goodnight! 
Thank you Aunt Tara for our packages!!!
Daniel and Maddie popped the packaging that came with Caleb's gun. It's big packets of air. When Daniel and Madison squeezed it, she'd run away scared to death. Then she'd run back to do it again. 

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