Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 254: Caleb's New Mouth Gear

This morning Maddie refused to get out of her Minnie Mouse pajamas. She was so cute and comfortable in her one piece. 

Caleb was dressed and downstairs in no time, and Daniel and I got dressed and then made our coffee and lunch for the day. 

Today was extremely busy at work, but I made it through and got a fair amount done. Daniel had/has a lot going on and has been busy with a few different things.

I left early today to greet Caleb off the bus, and then I took him to his dental appointment. He was so nervous when we arrived. He was scared they were going to hurt him. 

The doctor called him back and then put in this retainer type thing (I forget the technical name). She said he should ease into it the next few days but should start wearing it 24 hours in a week or so. After that, how long he wears it will depend on how his teeth/mouth adjust to everything.
The TyTy
He loved wearing it. Hearing him speak is definitely an adjustment. He's trying to figure it all out and it's hilarious. He has a hard time pronouncing the "t" sound. 

Maddie seemed to have an okay day at daycare, and was in a good mood when she got home. She got to go downstairs and watch Frozen while I left for the dentist and Daniel was finishing up a few things. 

Alayna was traveling back to Warsaw today from Prague by train, and Daniel and Maddie went to pick her up. We met back up and enjoyed some Polish cuisine. 

Caleb also got to spend a little bit of time prior to dinner eating pizza and watching a movie. Needless to say, he didn't eat anything at the restaurant. 

Tonight I tried bigos for the first time. It was served in a bread bowl and it was delicious!! It consists of stewed cabbage and meat and is very tasty. 
After dinner we made our way home and and got the kids ready for bed. Maddie was asleep in no time. I have a feeling Caleb fell asleep pretty quickly, too. 

We have a busy weekend ahead, so goodnight! 

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