Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 264: Wine Night

Today Daniel and I left for work and Maddie and Caleb headed off to school. The morning was okay overall and we were able to leave at a decent time. 

Alayna met us at the embassy around lunchtime and we went to the post office to mail off her packages of pottery and a few gifts I had purchased for a friend. The other packages were forgotten at home, so I'll get those off soon. 

I had a busy day and managed to get a lot done. After the crazy of the day, Alayna came back to the embassy and we went out with Alison for a wine night. 

We had such a great time and talked about various things, including future jobs and goals. We had so much fun and will have to do that again soon. 

When I got home, Daniel told me that the kids had been good and played a lot with one another. They had really good days at school, too. 

Daniel also informed me that our flight that was leaving at 6am had been cancelled. Instead, we would now depart at 6:50 pm. We lost a day of travel, but it worked out well for me to not pack and Daniel because he needed to get some work done.


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