Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 249: Hello Budapest

Alayna made it in late last night, so we all slept in just a little this morning. We eventually made our way downstairs and began cooking breakfast. The kids loved seeing Alayna and competed for her attention. 

We spent the morning chatting, eating, and planning our day. A little while later we loaded up our backpacks and took the bus to the airport.  
We had a few problems with getting checked in but made it through with tickets eventually. Security was pretty simple, so that was nice. 
We bussed to the plane and then fought to get to the correct seats. It was insane. Maddie took a small nap on me as we walked through the airport. Just enough to put her in a grumpy mood. She almost fell asleep on me while the plane took off, but she fought it well. 

When we landed we made our way to the bus and then to the metro. We finally got to where we needed to be in the city and we found the place we'd be staying over the next few days. 
Maddie was calling Cinderella. 
We dropped our stuff off at the apartment and then made our way down to the parliament building. We took a few photos and then found a place for dinner. 
The food was great, but we spent a long time waiting on things. It was very European. 
We made our way back to the apartment and Maddie went to bed. Caleb introduced Alayna to "Bad Lip Reading" with the NFL players, so they enjoyed that for a while. 

Overall we had a great day and we're excited to see more of Budapest tomorrow. 

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