Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 267: Disneyland Paris

This morning Ms. Alayna left for London and the rest of us got ready to tour Disneyland. Maddie was so upset to see Alayna go, but she calmed down a bit when we told her we were going to see Mickey. 

We took two different metro lines and a train to get to Disney. After an hour or so, we arrived! The kids were happy to see the park and I was happy to just be there. 
First things first, we found the stroller rental and got Madison a sweet ride for the day. We then found a few park maps and navigated towards the castle and the toddler friendly areas. 
Our first Disney ride was the Merry-go-Round. Maddie loved going up and down and cried once it stopped. She didn't want to leave her horse behind. 
Our second ride was with Dumbo. Although the wait times weren't terrible,  we waited in this line the longest. Maddie wanted to keep her Dumbo at the top so she didn't touch the lever again once we were up in the sky. 
After Dumbo, we made our way over to the tea cups. Daniel and Caleb took off, but Maddie decided that she wanted to ride, too. Daniel said she loved it. As Caleb would spin it around she would say this is fun! After that ended Maddie and Caleb wanted to ride again, so I had to join. Daniel can't keep up in his old age (his words) and I was up next. I despise rides that go in circular motions, but I did it for the kids. Maddie kept her arms back and loved spinning. 
We left that ride and found something to eat and then ventured to the side with Thunder Mountain. Caleb whined and refused to ride any type of roller coaster. He said he was not happy about our decision to make him ride, but he did. He rode Thunder Mountain with Daniel and came off so excited. He loved it and wanted to do it again. We went ahead and grabbed a fast pass and then walked over to Space Mountain. 
Daniel and Caleb rode this. This line was the shortest with a 5 minute wait time. Maddie and I played in the square as the boys rode. Once they were done, Caleb and I rode it. It was probably one of my least favorites thanks to the beating it gives your head. Besides that part, it was great. 

We left Space Mountain and rode in Buzz's laser ride. It was fun but it scared Maddie so she had her head laid down during the ride. We then rushed back over to Thunder Mountain and used our fast passes. This time Caleb and I rode it and had a lot of fun. He went from being afraid to wanting to ride it over and over again. 
We wrapped up the night with dinner and souvenirs. We found the train and got in line to purchase the tickets. After being in line for a few minutes there was an announcement in French. Almost everyone took off and a few were left standing around. I asked one of the guards what was going on and he said due to the high volume of people in line, they were allowing people to go without purchasing tickets. So, that was a $40 blessing! 

Maddie curled up and slept on my lap and woke up as soon as we got off. We did our few metro stops and made our way back to the apartment. Once there, Maddie played with all of her princesses and soon took a shower and then went to bed. 
We had such a fun day, even though there were some ups and downs. We're looking forward to soaking in our last day tomorrow. Goodnight!
We found Daisy!  This was a fun way to pass the time while Daniel and Caleb rode the roller coaster. 
Maddie fell asleep on me during lunch. She was tired!

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