Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 262: Shopping in Bolesławiec

This morning Alayna and I woke up early, enjoyed breakfast, and then began shopping.  We figured out what our plan was and then began visiting pottery stores.  We began with one of the popular places, Andy's.  We found a lot of things we liked, but a few things I went for, were out of stock, so hopefully I can go again soon.
We spent the day in and out of shops and looking for great deals and particular patterns.  I was looking for a sink, but didn't find one I loved.  Maybe I will find one in Warsaw.  Who knows!
We stopped for a quick lunch and lasted until 7pm before heading back to Warsaw.  We purchased a lot of gifts and a few goodies for ourselves, too.

Daniel and the kids hung out around the house while we spent the day shopping.  Daniel said that Maddie woke up around 6:30 but watched cartoons on his phone until 8:30.  When they got up, she was was in a great mood and played well with Caleb.

They also enjoyed some playtime outside.  They had a great day taking it easy.  Maddie had a lot of sass for Daniel.  Daniel asked if she wanted yogurt at one point so she went to get it from the refrigerator.  She got out the plain kind and Daniel told her she wasn't going to like it.  When he got up to put some honey in it, she told him, "No.  Daddy sit down."  She's very independent and is happy to do things for herself.

Caleb had fun having his dad around and they enjoyed football and a game of Trash (card game).  Caleb was able to stay up late to watch the UGA game.  Since Georgia didn't come on until 12:30AM Caleb only got to stay up to halftime, but he was happy to go to bed with Georgia in the lead.

Alayna and I made it in around 11:30pm and we unpacked all of our goodies.  We had a great drive back and besides the detour we made it in without any issues.  We loved reliving our purchases and discussed how we should have gotten more.
Overall, everyone had a great day.  I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow and get some rest before the week begins.  Goodnight!

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