Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 272: Dentists and Breakfast

This morning began around 3:30am for Madison and myself.  She woke up and was mostly undressed.  She had peed in her sleeper and was trying to take it off.  I helped her get everything fixed and got her back in bed (our bed).  She didn't care to go right to sleep, so she whined a little while before knocking out.  She slept in a little later though and got up a little before 7.  She had a better morning than yesterday, but she was still a little grumpy.

Daniel and I made our way into work and finally arrived.  Thanks to traffic, our almost 7 mile drive takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on the time.  We had great days overall and got quite a few things checked off our lists.

Caleb had a great day at school.  He had chess afterwards and said he enjoyed it.  He didn't win the round he played, but he enjoyed playing.  He had a little bit of math homework, so he knocked that out and played a math game with Daniel once he was home.  

Maddie had a good day, too.  She took a short nap and woke up a little tired, but had fun playing with her friends.  When I picked her up she was holding a baby doll and rocking it back and forth.  She then told me that she was getting a present.  She also added that she was going to eat chocolate, too.  

I had a dental appointment at 5:30, so I headed off for that.  I clinch my teeth/jaws when I sleep and that has caused a few other issues.  Thankfully, it's nothing serious and I only needed a bite guard.  I was going to get one a few years ago but it's an insane amount of money.  It was still expensive here, but not nearly as bad, so I went ahead and opted to do it while we were here.  

When I got to my appointment, I waited a little while before going back.  The cutest little girl was in the lobby speaking to an assistant and was talking in English with the most lovely accent.  It was adorable.  When I went back with the doctor, she told me about the splint I would be getting and then proceeded to try it out on me.  It didn't fit properly, so she had to sand it down a bit.  After sanding, adding a goop that tasted disgusting, and sanding some more, she was content with the splint.  She did the sanding process about 15 times before everything was said and done. 

I left and headed home where Daniel had made breakfast for supper - my favorite.  We all enjoyed our breakfast sandwiches, and the bacon and eggs went perfect on our wonder bread!!  Thankfully, I have someone who listens to my randomness and scored me a loaf while away on travels.  I may have gotten a 12 pack of diet coke, too, which only made my day a million times better.  I've really missed "real" diet coke.  

Anyways, after supper we made our way upstairs and began putting our house back in order.  We put away clothes that have been needing a home for a while and we also got Maddie bathed and ready for bed.  Because she's been peeing through her pull-ups, I put her back in a "nighttime" diaper.  It's crazy how that one thing made her look so much younger.  She's growing up so fast and she's truly a ball of energy and love (and fire and sass when she wants).  
Overall, we had a very productive day.  We are very thankful and blessed for our two munchkins who keep us on our toes and all of the friends we've made so far!

Goodnight all.  

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