Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 253: Sleeping Beauty

This morning wasn't too bad.  Daniel left early for training and the kids and I made it out of the house at a decent time.  I had a meeting at the school, so I was late for work, but I was able to meet with a group of nice people and discuss expectations for the role of "room mom." I'd like to be more involved than I was last year, so we'll see how this goes.  Thankfully, I have two other women that are also doing it with me, so if I slack, I'll have great help.

At work, I got a lot done and managed to get through the day.  I "did the best I could" which has been my motto lately.  Seriously, I have it written on my desk and everything. 

Daniel and I made it home a little after six and the kids were playing.  Maddie was rolling around in the floor and she seemed to be in a great mood.  Caleb was downstairs messing around with tools and his bike.  Not really sure what he was doing, and he didn't feel the need to explain his chaos so I let it be. 

While I got Maddie bathed and ready for bed, Daniel cooked supper.  Caleb played a bit longer and then we all enjoyed supper together.  Caleb then got ready for bed and Maddie and I sat in the chair for a bit.  She was tired and ended up falling asleep on me.  That sweet baby lying on me is all it takes to melt my heart.  She laid there for a while and then I took her to bed.  She cuddled up on her pillow and stayed asleep.
I then cleaned up, did some online grocery shopping, emailed my school advisor and called it a night.  Nothing too special going on these days, so that's it for now.


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