Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 250: Touring Budapest, Hungary

This morning the sun greeted our windows and we woke up in happy moods. We got dressed, found what we needed for the day, and embarked on a longer than planned journey to find breakfast. 

We walked towards the St. Stephens Bascilica and found a place that served breakfast. We ate our eggs and drank our coffee. We then went to the area where the hop on hop off bus was and decided to wait on the next one to. We walked to Starbucks and got a souvenir mug and another coffee. We made it back to the bus with plenty of time and got front row seats for our tour. The kids piled up beside me and before long Maddie was fast asleep. 
We toured Budapest and learned that Buda is hilly and Pest is not. That's how you figure out which side you are own. We also partook in a river cruise tour. That one was quite chilly! It lasted for an hour and we were able to see some great views of the Parliment and more. The kids loved it. 
After the boat ride we visited the local market. Here, we viewed all of the fresh meat and produce and then went upstairs to do a bit of souvenir shopping. We found some great items and topped of the market fun with a European funnel cake. It was sweet dough covered in cinnamon and powdered sugar and it was delicious. It's definitely a great alternative to the real thing although it's still very unhealthy. 
We made our way back to the apartment and regrouped for the evening. The kids went ahead and showered and then we found a place for dinner. We ate at a nice Italian place and played a fun game while we waited. Caleb suggested the game "chain game" which is where you mention a word and the next person says a different word but it has to be connected to the word given. For example: red could be the word given and apple, car, or a multitude of other words could be used, you keep going until you decide to stop. We had fun going around the table and it was a great way to pass time as we waited on dinner. 
After dinner, we stopped by a hotdog place and got two sweet dogs. A sweet dog is a candy bar on the inside of a dough "wrapper" (made of sweet dough) and then deep fried (I think). The boys ate that for dessert and then we browsed through more souvenirs. 
We made our way back to the apartment and got the kids ready for bed. They lasted for a while and I finally gave up and decided to turn in for them. We've all had full days so everyone should sleep great tonight. 


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