Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 268: Our Last Day Touring Paris

This morning we slept in a little later than our normal 6:30-7am wake up time. We got dressed and made our way out of the door to the Louvre. We decided to shop for street art today and remembered seeing a lot of vendors between that location and Notre Dame. 

We rode the metro in and debarked right outside of the Louvre. We walked through the same areas just as we did a few days ago and briefly debated on entering. Since we only had a few hours before we left Paris, we decided against spending it all in one place. 
We left the Louvre and found an ATM and  then shopped from the various street vendors. I found exactly what we were hoping to find. The painting is huge and has accents of red. It's perfect. 
The kids entertained themselves as we shopped. 

We made our way down another street and headed towards Notre Dame. We finally made it and decided again not to waste too much time in line. Instead, we posed in various pictures and then headed to the metro so we could visit the Eiffel Tower again. 
She keeps posing for pictures differently, but this is one of her favorites. 

Once we got off the metro we walked through an open park area towards the Eiffel Tower. It was really nice. Maddie even threw a fit for a French couple sitting on the bench. 
This was on the opposite side of our walk through the park. 

We made it over to the Eiffel Tower and took a lot of pictures (again). The sun was out today and it was high 60s, so we were warm! The kids ran around and Maddie enjoyed some gelato. 
Beside the Eiffel Tower and restrooms. 
A family from Texas asked to take our photo. 
Once we left this beauty, we realized we had just enough time for some wine, cheese, and ice cream. We found a cafe close by and partook in some French basics. 
Everything was delicious!

We finished up and took the metro back so we could get our suitcases. We gathered our items, made sure everything was cleaned up, and then left for multiple metro rides. We had to take three separate metro lines to get to the airport and it was 5:00 so everyone was commuting from work. Maddie fell asleep on our way to the second one. I was hot and my back and arms (legs too while I'm complaining) were killing me. It was painful but we made it! 
We found our flight and checked in. Security was amazing and overall pretty easy to get through. It was nice! We made our way to our gate and stopped for dinner and snacks. 

Once we made it onto the plane the guy in front of me tried to let his seat back. I was still in "mom mode" so I told him no and I'm sure he also felt my knees in his back. I was willing to bet that between him or the kid behind me my flight was going to be terrible, but thankfully it wasn't that bad. The kid behind me liked to kick my seat but at least the older kid in front of me kept his seat up. I'm so glad because I already have very little leg room on these airplanes (and this wasn't one of our go to cheap airlines).
This is the only bottle of wine I purchased on our trip. I had planned to get more for friends, but that didn't pan out as I had hoped. This wine didn't last long. It was great during my plane ride. 
Maddie loves to grab our face (and hers) to make funny faces. She has a nice southern accent when she says, "Look at my face" and as she says that she has her cheeks and eyes pulled down. She had us cracking up on the plane! Others weren't that amused.

Once we landed we made our way to the baggage claim to get our suitcases. We then headed towards the bus and caught a ride to our house. I plan to do nothing active this weekend, as I think I've walked plenty and climbed many steps. 

Overall we enjoyed Paris. I would have to say it's my favorite so far.

I'm off to unpack and get everyone ready for bed. Goodnight all! 

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