Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 270: Chopin in the Park

This morning Daniel woke up feeling pretty sick. We sat around for the first part of the day trying to get a few items checked off of our to-do lists. 

We had decided to do Chopin in the park this afternoon, and even though Daniel didn't feel the best he was ready to get out of the house. Chopin in the park, for those of you who do not know, is a piano concert of Chopin's music. It's approximately 30 minutes long, and it's relaxing and nice. Everyone sits around in the grass and enjoys the music
We decided to take a few snacks. We had gotten a cheese tray from the airport on our way back from Paris, so we took that along with some fruit and bread I had just picked up from the market. Along with some goldfish and a peanut butter and chocolate granola bar, we were ready to enjoy the music and fight off any hunger pangs. 
Maddie had fallen asleep on the way there, but woke up as soon as we sat down. She may have gotten a total of 15 minutes of sleep in. She's been fighting it since. Clearly she was in play mode in the picture above. At the end of the concert Maddie and Caleb played for a minute while we packed up. 
Once the concert ended we walked through one of the connecting parks. We fed some fish and watched the peacock and squirrels roam the grounds. 
We finally made it back home and the kids took baths while I finished dinner. Remember that spaghetti squash I found yesterday? Yeah, it's not spaghetti squash. I was excited to see one so large I had forgotten what I was looking for. What I actually purchased was butternut squash. 

Since I had never done anything with butternut squash, I found a Pinterest recipe and tried a simple butternut squash soup recipe. The kids were not impressed, but Daniel liked it. So, that's a little progress!! We enjoyed some soup, sandwiches, and broccoli for dinner. 

Even though we aren't feeling the greatest, we made the best of our day. Goodnight! 

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