Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 265: Paris, Here We Come!

Since our flight was cancelled, we woke up much later than we had originally planned. Caleb came down a little after 6:30 panicked because he thought we had missed our flight. He was then informed of the new departure time and was unhappy to hear he would be going to school today. 

Caleb and Maddie left for school and Daniel chatted with me a few minutes before he left for work. I then went back to sleep! That was definitely a welcomed change. 

I got up a little later and began doing laundry and packing. The house needed some TLC so I'm thankful I was able to knock some of that out before we left. 

Caleb arrived home and helped us get a few final things done and then we all left for the bus stop. Thankfully, we arrived with a few minutes to spare. 

We made it to the airport and made our way through security. The lines were almost nonexistent which was very nice. We got a quick bite for supper and made our way to our gate. At some point they changed our gate to another, so thankfully we noticed it. 

We boarded the plane and then found our seats. We sat near the front, so we didn't have to go far! The flight was fairly easy overall. There was a good bit of turbulence, but nothing too extreme. 
She loved pushing her suitcase through the airport. 

We landed and made our way through the baggage claim, etc. Daniel looked into bus prices and taxi fares and they were almost the same, so we went with the taxi. 70 euro and 30 minutes later, we arrived to our apartment. 

After the kids ran all over a few times, we all turned in for the night. We're excited to see the city tomorrow. 

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