Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day 244: Teacher Conference and Date Night!

Today Caleb had a break from school. Parent teacher conferences were scheduled instead. Caleb stayed with a good friend of ours and spent the day loving life. He truly enjoys hanging out with his friends and we're so lucky to be around great people who we also trust. 

Daniel and I spent the day staying busy. Daniel had numerous meetings and I stayed busy processing payroll and other fun things including travel plans for the unit. 

We left work fairly early to have a conference with Caleb's teacher. Mr. Benson is wonderful and really enjoys Caleb. We talked about strengths and weaknesses Caleb possesses at times and we also discussed our upcoming travel. Overall, the meeting went well and we left feeling great. 

When we got home we got the kids bathed and supper fixed. When Anna arrived, the kids began speaking Polish and laughing with her. This sweet lady is truly a blessing to our family. 

We left and met friends of ours for dinner. We decided a while ago that Mexican food and margaritas were on the menu. We found a great place in town, La Fiesta, and enjoyed some great dishes. The company was great and we spent a few hours talking about anything and everything. We topped off our evening with icecream and made our way back to the house. 

We were home around 9 and the kids were snuggled in bed fast asleep. Anna said the kids had a great night and were so good. 

We really enjoyed our date night and had a great day overall. We are already looking forward to tomorrow and what it may bring. 


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