Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 248: Georgia Football

This morning started out earlier for all of us. Daniel woke up at 4:30 to leave for work and Maddie woke up at 6:30 looking for Lovey. She went off to her room to search but came back with toys from downstairs and chocolate all over her face. 

The kids and I spent the morning tidying up and Maddie and I went through all of her clothes. We have a lot that we need to send back to Aunt Tara. Maddie enjoyed trying on different pieces of clothing and accessorizing with shoes. 
Caleb helped out a lot. He did a lot of little favors but also mowed the grass and helped with a few projects. He also kept Maddie busy for me, so that was nice. 
Daniel came home around 2:30. A little later we ordered pizza and got ready for the Georgia game. The game was a great one and Georgia looked really good. 

After dinner and most of the game, Daniel went back to work. The kids went upstairs to get ready for bed and I ran downstairs to get the laundry out. When I came upstairs Maddie had rubbed Desitin all over herself. Her face, arms, legs: all over. It was insane. She was so proud that she had it all over. She kept rubbing it in. 
We went to the bathroom where I gave her a bath (her second one tonight). I tried to get it out of her hair and off of her skin, but I'm not sure I got it all. 

Afterwards, she and Caleb both went to bed and fell right to sleep. We had a great day but I'm ready for tomorrow. 


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