Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 259: Care Packages are the Best!

This morning, Alayna left really early to catch a flight and Daniel left right behind her to begin his day at work.  Caleb woke up upset to see Daniel had already left, but he managed to get dressed and make it through everything else he needed to do.  Maddie woke up in a great mood and even said to me, "I happy!"  She also walks around pulling her face down saying, "Look at my face."  She is so funny sometimes.  She gave Caleb the best of hugs this morning. Caleb and I were both surprised!
I had a busy day at work, but I'm happy that today was much better than yesterday. Daniel stayed busy throughout the day with his visit and I didn't see or talk to him too much.

When I got home, the kids were outside playing with Ms. Anna.  Caleb was running around and playing soccer in his socks.  He said he had to take his shoes off so it would be fair to her.  Maddie was running around, too, and they all appeared to be having a great time.  I love how Anna spends part of the afternoon with the kids outside and reads and plays with them when they're inside.  Anna has also discovered that if Maddie has Play Doh, she's happy for at least an hour!  

For dinner the kids and I had a leftover night!  No one really enjoyed it, but hey, the leftovers are gone!  Tomorrow I'll have to reward them with a meal they care a little more for, but I'm not sure what that is just yet.

We received mail today, but I wasn't able to go over and get it.  Luckily, one of the Marines picked it up for us and placed it in the vehicle.  So, when Daniel got home, I went down to see what it was.  I wish I had had my phone with me, but I didn't, so my details will have to suffice.  However, because there were gifts, I'll post those pictures in the morning.

What makes receiving this package so much better is a few weeks ago I had placed a Walmart order.  A few items came in, but all of the snacks, chips, etc. did not.  I've been meaning to order more "crap" but I haven't made time for it.  So, when I received this box, it was a very pleasant surprise.

My favorite item was the "Slim Jim" in my bag.  There were several actually, and I may have to share one or two, but I'm hiding the rest.  I've been looking for the "mild" flavor in the commissary, but no such luck.  Mom had a bag for each one of us, so I'll let the kids go through theirs in the morning.  I also got the pickles my Memaw sent, so that was also a nice surprise!!

It was definitely nice to have a little piece of home!!  Thanks, Mom!

I'm finally caught up with my nightly duties, so I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

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