Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 247: More Dental Fun

This morning everyone woke up feeling the change in weather. It was rainy and colder than it has been, which resulted in grumpier moods. 

We all got dressed and out of the door to our daily routines. Caleb had a great day at school. He brought home a drawing that he needed to finish, so he worked on that for a little while. Maddie had fun in her classroom today and also on their walk. Maddie was playing with "a present" when I picked her up and she insisted that she needed to bring it home. 

Caleb and I had dental appointments this evening. We all made our way to the dental place and Caleb and I got to do bite impressions. I have had issues for a while regarding me clinching my teeth. I wake up with ear pain and headaches, and now that "my teeth are wearing down" I decided to get a bite guard. Caleb received but impressions for a top and bottom retainer. This will help align his molars up like they should be. 
We go back next week to pick up Caleb's retainers. He got to pick out colors for them, so hopefully he'll wear them as he should. 

Once we got home the kids took showers and then went to bed. I'm not far behind them. Goodnight! 

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