Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 255: Pottery, Food, and Great Company

This morning I woke up to Maddie knocking on her door. It wasn't closed, but she was knocking on it before she came out. 

We got dressed and began getting a few things done before our guests arrived from Brussels. Caleb and Maddie played well and enjoyed each other's company. 
Our friends arrived around 10:30 and we got their stuff put away, did a quick tour of our house, and then left for pottery shopping. We had no time to waste because stores close early on Saturday. 

We began our journey at my favorite pottery store. We had the most success there. Everyone was able to find something they liked and we left and headed to our next pottery place. 

We didn't have a ton of favorites from the second and third stores, but a few purchases were made and we all left happy. 

Once we finished up with shopping we decided to go for lunch. We went to the Stables and it was lovely as always. I was tortured by the waiter who made me speak Polish. He insisted I say the exact word of the menu item and then corrected me and made me repeat after him when I attempted to speak. 

We enjoyed bigos, pierogis, and smaleks. We had an incredibly heavy lunch! We came home afterwards and went through our pottery. We enjoyed looking at our purchases. We then sat around the kitchen table and talked about a lot of different things. 

After realizing it was suppertime, we decided to order take out. We had more Polish food and it was great. We enjoyed some more pierogis and potato pancakes. It was pretty great. We finished up dinner and sat around and talked some more. 
The kids were great throughout the day and enjoyed seeing Nana on FaceTime. They loved the extra company and Maddie enjoyed walking around asking others to help her with random things. 

Overall, we had a wonderful night and loved being able to share our big house with some really great people. 


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