Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 261: Misadventures to Bolesławiec

This morning Maddie was happy to wake up and see Daniel. Caleb was too! Maddie played with Daniel and followed him everywhere. She even danced with her shadow at one point. She was having a ball. 

Alayna made it back really late, so we visited with her briefly as we got ourselves ready to go. Caleb fixed his lunch and made it out the door in time. 

Maddie had a great day at school and took a great nap. She did really well today and enjoyed playing with her friends. 

Daniel took his visitors to the airport this morning and then came back to work. He's been busy lately and had a lot to go through. 

This weekend we had planned to go to Berlin, but after last week's shopping experience, Alayna and I decided to come to Bolesławiec instead. We're hoping to make it a one day trip, but we'll see! 

When we left around 6, we couldn't find a good address for the GPS. I thought my phone would do well but it took me through some town instead of staying on the interstate. I then tried to find another address but no luck with my GPS. 

I got to a gas station at one point for Alayna to use the restroom. Because of the surrounding areas, I stayed in the car with the doors locked. Once we got back on the road I drove for a few hours and then my gas light came on. 

I couldn't find a gas station right away, but eventually got to one. This man comes out to pump my gas, and he offered me Diesel. I told him no and pointed to the one I needed. He offered the other and kept talking in Polish. I have no clue what we were discussing, but he was nonstop. He finally went with the gas I picked and asked in Polish if I wanted a full tank. He had to say full in Polish before I knew what he was asking. That was terrible. When I went in to the store to get VAT back the the man didn't understand right away. Eventually they got it and all was well. 

We got back on the road and guessed which way to go. We began seeing Bolesławiec signs, so we knew we were close. At one point down a country road that smelled a lot like chicken houses, a family of wild boars crossed the street. It was the craziest thing I've seen in a while. 

Finally, I asked the lady at the hotel where to go and she walked me in. We made it in to a dark parking lot and multiple dogs barking. The wifi doesn't work and we're calling it a night. 


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